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Tax Exemption for Renewable Energy System – Nevada

The state of Nevada is offering incentives for renewable energy use and energy efficiency. A state rebate program is being administered by NV Energy, formerly known as Sierra Pacific Power and Nevada Power. This is known as the Renewable Generations Rebate Program for photovoltaic (PV ), small wind and hydroelectric systems. Originally, this rebate program […]

Rocky Mountain Power – Solar Incentive Program

The state of Utah, and particularly its Rocky Mountain Power Solar Incentive Program, continues in its pursuit to find ways and means of to preserve natural resources, as well to assist consumers financially, to save money on their energy consumption. This is the general concept of this Solar Incentive program, which gives rewards to customers […]

Net Metering

What is Net Metering? Net Metering is the practice of consumers “selling” energy to the electricity companies when they have some form of renewable energy facility installed at their home and a surplus is created. A good example of net metering would be the case of someone who owns solar panels or a wind turbine. […]