Green Energy Ohio – GEO Solar Thermal Rebate Program

Green Energy Ohio, or GEO, is the entity which represents the state of Ohio in the American Solar Energy Society.  This nonprofit organization is dedicated to the promotion of economic and environmental energy policies, and sustainable and efficient practices.

GEO has been greatly honored by being accepted by the Sierra Club to receive funding and which will enable it to administer a solar power rebate program for Ohio homeowners.

This rebate is for solar thermal or solar water heating systems, which are purchased after April 1, 2009. 

Rebate applications are already available for owner-occupied homes, and residential properties in the state. The purchase of the solar power system should be primarily geared toward domestic water heating.

The rebate will share a portion of the costs of qualified projects. There is a limit on the amount of rebate funding which is available, and applications are subject to the conditions and requirements of the program.  Qualifying applications will be funded until all allotted funds have been exhausted.

Based on the projected energy output to be gathered by the solar collectors, rebates are calculated and offered at $30 kBtu/day. This rebate amount is based on the SRCC rating classified under "Clear Day/C Interval". The maximum rebate for each participating member is $2,400.

The GEO is also partnering with certain educational institutions, to provide training in solar thermal energy, and these institutions are also eligible for rebates.

In order to participate in this rebate program, there are important requirements which must be met. Candidates should review the complete GEO Solar Thermal Rebate Application Form, for more details on this.

Once requirements have been met, the application form should be submitted to GEO, along with the required information and documentation. Within 30 days, applicants will be notified by email whether they have been approved for the rebate.

Upon receipt of this approval, applicants are given six months to complete the installation.  The installation must be done in accordance with certain requirements as to code, system requirements, proper solar collector certification, plumbing and wiring, and the like.  More specifics on these requirements can be found at

Once the installation of the solar thermal system is complete, applicants must comply with and submit Part II of the application. This includes a submission of the following:

  • Part II of the GEO Solar Thermal Rebate Application Form
  • A certified inspection checklist
  • Copies of itemized paid invoices
  • Installer certification
  • Copies of past code enforcement inspections
  • Digital photograph of solar thermal system
  • Additional documentation as stated in the application form.

After the final inspection and approval, applicants can receive their rebate check, and receive the benefits of earth-friendly clean energy savings.


Disclaimer:  This article does not constitute a source of a official legal or financial advice. While we attempt to represent all data as accurately as possible, we advice you to refer to official government websites, for the most accurate and up-to-date information.

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