Huntington Beach City to Install Solar Panels in Schools

The Huntington Beach City School District, in cooperation with Chevron Energy Solutions, is planning to install solar panels at Seacliff, Dwyer, Hawes, and Smith Schools. The city estimates that this will save them at least $75,000.

But the plan is met with objections from the locals. There’s a group of parents protesting and asking for city officials to install the solar panels on rooftops instead on a vacant lot. They propose this without inspecting the roofs, which are built in the 1930s and cluttered with mechanical equipment.

Plus it is not advisable to install solar panels on roofs in Huntington Beach City due to seismic activities. The School Board and Chevron Energy Solutions completed studies to determine the best spots for the solar panels but the ill-advised protesters still want them on the roof.

The group thinks that the solar panels are eyesores and destroy the beauty of the surrounding historic structures. Though opinions vary and some people think that it just like any other school in the state.

The plan of installing solar panels in Huntington Beach City will help promote the use of solar energy in the city. Students would see the solar panels every day and science classes have a ready solar energy lab in their lawns.

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