Solar Powered Lighting in the News

Ikea has recently come out with a new solution for outdoor solar powered lighting.  The Ikea SOLIG light series consists of outdoor lights which are run on solar power.  Each light in the Ikea SOLIG light series contains a solar panel which absorbs solar energy during the day, storing power in a small internal battery which is used to run the light during the night. When the sun goes down, the light turns on automatically.

The lights are strong, attractive, and also cordless. They also require little or no maintenence.

Solig lights can be used on the ground, in trees, on tables, in gardens, or on outdoor walls. They are also waterproof and suited for outdoor conditions.  They  use LED lighting, which requires less energy than conventional lamps do.  LED light bulbs also last longer and don’t become as hot as others.

Ikea, currently the world’s largest furniture manufacturer, is not the only manufacturer of solar powered lighting.

ICP Solar has also announced a new line of Sunsei solar lighting fixtures which are said to be both durable and long-lasting. ICP’s CEO, Sass Peress, stated “We believe our solar-powered lights now offer the consumer some of the longest-lasting applications on the market and are rugged enough to withstand a broad range of extreme outdoor elements.”

Solar Powered Lighting in Developing Nations

Solar powered lighting is also being used as a solution in third-world and developing nations which have additional concerns, beyond strictly environmental matters.  One recent example is a school in Punjab, India, which has installed twenty  solar powered lights on the campus and is installing solar water heating as well (which provide hot water during the winter and make it possible for school children to wash their hands in warm water.  Solar and wind power makes hot water and electricity possible in many developing areas which previously had little or no access to these amenities.  

The use of solar power seems to be on the rise in India – this is encouraging from an environmental perspective as well, since it opens the door to clean energy installations in areas which have not yet installed conventional (and polluting) energy systems.

As technology progresses in this field, a variety solar powered lighting solutions have become available on the marketand quite easily accessible  at considerably reasonable prices.  These are available for common home and garden solutions as well as for broad-scale uses.  They are very easy to install, requiring no wiring, cables, or electrical supplies.  Therefore they not only are an energy-efficient and environmentally friendly lighting solution, but are user-friendly and convenient as well.

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  1. chris@solar power installers
    April 21, 2009 at 6:06 pm #

    More likely than not the other nations make take solar power more seriously than we do. For us, solar power seems a little too inconvenient and though we care about the environment, I’m sure we’re afraid of not having the same types of comfort even more. hopefully we’ll eventually put aside or fear.

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