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Clallam County Rebate and Incentive Programs

In Washington State, Clallam County PUD is serious about its commitment to conserve energy, and it wants its customers to be the same.  That’s why it offers various rebates and incentives for its residential users.  These rebates are for energy efficiency improvements as well as for solar energy system purchases. Clallam County PUD is offering […]

Washington State's Renewable Energy Sales and Use Tax Exemption

In the State of Washington, sales of equipment used to generate electricity via sustainable energy are tax-exempt. Energy sources that are eligible for this exemption are wind, sun, fuel cells, biomass energy, tidal or wave energy, anaerobic digestion, geothermal, and landfill gas. This is how the state rewards those who incorporate the use of renewable […]

Concentrating Solar Power for Stronger Energy

When people talk about solar power, they usually are referring to the photovoltaic type. But there’s another type of solar power and it’s starting to gain some ground over its photovoltaic power. This is concentrated solar power, or CSP solar energy, which is the solar energy that’s generated when one concentrates sunlight onto a small […]