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30 Percent Federal Tax Credit and Other Solar Energy Incentives in 2011

Good news for homeowners and businesses that plan to go solar in 2011. There are several federal tax credits that are still in effect or have been extended for the year. There’s the uncapped 30 percent federal tax credit on solar hot water and residential solar electric systems that are in effect until 2016. The […]

Solar Power has a Bright Future in Missouri

Although economic troubles affect people throughout the nation, Missouri Solar Living LLC is still looking towards a brighter future, when it comes to solar power in Missouri. Last fall, citizens of Missouri approved Proposition C, which requires privately-owned utility companies in the state to offer $2 per watt rebate for solar power systems, beginning on […]

Tennessee Valley Authority to Generate More Solar and Wind Power

Tennessee Valley Authority, or TVA, is leading by example.   Its officials agreed to buy 2,000 megawatts of power from clean alternative energy sources, such as wind and solar generators. This is in connection with their Energy Right Program. The program aims to encourage, communicate and support the smart and effective use of electricity in […]