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Tax Exemption for Renewable Energy System – Nevada

The state of Nevada is offering incentives for renewable energy use and energy efficiency. A state rebate program is being administered by NV Energy, formerly known as Sierra Pacific Power and Nevada Power. This is known as the Renewable Generations Rebate Program for photovoltaic (PV ), small wind and hydroelectric systems. Originally, this rebate program […]

Residential Energy Efficiency Rebate Program – Kentucky

In the state of Kentucky, a Touchstone Energy Cooperative, called Blue Grass Energy provides an energy-efficiency improvement program. This is especially applicable to residential sectors. The program involves an energy advisor who is specially trained to identify areas encompass the residential sector. Upon gaining familiarity with the area concerned, the advisor gives important information to […]

Personal Power Saving Incentives for the Residential Sector

The world is facing its biggest energy crisis ever. Conventional fossil fuels are depleting at an alarming rate, and we are frantically hunting for alternative energy sources. Green energy sources are being applauded, as they are kind to the environment, and to the pocket. Sustainable environmental-friendly energy sources are now being touted as the next […]