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Solar Powered TOYOTA Prius

You may have heard of the Toyota Prius – the basic hybrid car for those on a tighter budget. But breaking news tells us that solar panels are being added to this hybrid car, and that the the Solar Powered Toyota Prius can get up to 70 MPG.  In fact, it’s theoretically possible to that […]

Solar Power Surge Seen By 2050

Large solar power plants can use mirrors to concentrate the sun’s rays. According to one study, these types of solar power plants could generate up to 25% of the Earth’s electricity by the year 2050. The report was made by the environmental group Greenpeace, International Energy Agency’s SolarPACES group, and the European Thermal Electricity Association […]

Earth Day 2009

In an official Earth Day proclamation today, President Obama has stressed that increasing our use of renewable energy is key to America’s prosperity, and has announced plans to lease out federal waters for alternative energy projects such as wind and ocean currents.  To quote: The choice we face is not between saving our environment and […]

Solar Shingles – Installation

How to Install Solar Shingles Solar shingles are installed in a manner very similar to how normal roofing shingles are installed. The only real difference is the addition of the electrical wires, which will need to come through the roof sheeting into the attic space, in order to make the electrical connections. If you are […]