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Arizona’s Residential Incentives for Renewable Energy

The residents of Arizona can take advantage of seven financial incentives for using renewable energy. 1. Green Building Incentive – This is available in Scottsdale and the Town of Buckeye. If you build your home to the green standards given in the Green Home Rating Checklist, you can be eligible for an assortment of benefits. […]

Idaho Residential Incentives

There is no better way to get the common man involved in alternative power generation sources than giving him financial incentives. Even if he does not care about the implications of green power for the environment, he will surely care about the cash he can save by using eco-friendly power. In the state of Idaho […]

Energy Efficiency Interest Rate Reduction Program

A state loan program is currently being offered to qualified residents of Alaska, by the Alaska Housing Finance Corporation, or AHFC. This incentive will be given to those who borrow a certain amount of money to purchase an existing home. This is also applicable to those who finance or upgrade a household which can be […]