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Save Money With Energy Efficient Tax Credits

Lets face it: taxes are confusing.  When that certain time of year rolls around,  feelings of apprehension and dread have a tendency to appear.  Perplexing language, strange looking forms and a constantly changing tax code can leave one utterly bewildered. If you received a tax credit last year for installing some energy efficient windows or a […]

Rocky Mountain Power – Solar Incentive Program

The state of Utah, and particularly its Rocky Mountain Power Solar Incentive Program, continues in its pursuit to find ways and means of to preserve natural resources, as well to assist consumers financially, to save money on their energy consumption. This is the general concept of this Solar Incentive program, which gives rewards to customers […]

Solar and Wind Energy Credits in Hawaii

Solar energy is one efficient energy source which is widely known to produce a “solar thermal hot water” system for heating water.  It produces electricity through a “concentrated solar power or CSP” system,  or through photovoltaic electricity. The Hawaii Energy Tax Credits give benefits to single or corporate entities.  These are income tax credits of 20% […]