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Solar Power & Day After Thanksgiving Sales

Happy Thanksgiving to Everyone! Over the next few days, in the US at least, there will be some great opportunities to save on Christmas Shopping. Black Friday (day after Thanksgiving) is the traditional day for offline shopping. But online the saving time period extends for a few more days until “Cyber Monday.” Solar chargers and […]

Photovoltaic Cells

As the world advances, new technologies arise – or, in some cases, older technologies are exhumed and improved upon. Although most people are under the impression that the field of photovoltaics is a new subject, based on recent invention, this is not actually the case. But first of all lets take a look at what […]

Solar Hot Water

Solar hot water heating systems are an effective way of conserving energy and reducing your energy bill. Contrary to popular belief, solar water heating is not a new technology. Solar water heating systems have been used commercially for over a century now, with the first commercial water heater (the Climax Solar-Water Heater) going on sale […]