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Everyday Uses of Solar Power

We’ve all heard quite a lot about the benefits of solar energy. We’ve heard about plans to create solar-power plants which will be able to supply energy to whole cities.  We have heard of the benefits of installing a complete solar power system in our homes.  But what about the more simple, daily applications of […]

Solar Powered Lighting in the News

Ikea has recently come out with a new solution for outdoor solar powered lighting.  The Ikea SOLIG light series consists of outdoor lights which are run on solar power.  Each light in the Ikea SOLIG light series contains a solar panel which absorbs solar energy during the day, storing power in a small internal battery which is […]

Solar-Powered Car Circumnavigates the Globe

Its the latest news in the solar power industry.  A solar powered car has completed a trip around the world.  The driver is hoping to encourage the auto industry to gear up for electric car production.  Solar powered cars have long since ceased to be mythical creatures of our imaginations, but this news helps drive […]

Solar Powered Car

SOLAR Powered TOYOTA Prius News Feature Solar electrical vehicles can convert your prius to solar. You will get much more MPG under normal driving. PLUS if you only do a few miles a day and don’t go over 42 mph you will NEVER have to buy gas again. For more information go to http://www.solarelectricalvehicles.com