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Earth Day 2009

In an official Earth Day proclamation today, President Obama has stressed that increasing our use of renewable energy is key to America’s prosperity, and has announced plans to lease out federal waters for alternative energy projects such as wind and ocean currents.  To quote: The choice we face is not between saving our environment and […]

Financing Initiative for Renewable and Solar Technology (FIRST) – Berkeley, California

The City of Berkeley’s Financing Initiative for Renewable and Solar Technology (FIRST) is doing a pilot program that allows property owners to borrow money from the city’s Sustainable Energy Financing District, in order to install photovoltaic (PV) systems. Repayment of the loans is done over a period of 20 years, through an annual special tax […]

Japan and Solar Power

Japan as usual is working on staying ahead where technology is concerned. Fortunately, for a country so densely populated and so technologically oriented, that includes solar technology. The Japanese government has recently announced that it will be putting $145 million toward solar power in the next few months.  I’m not sure exactly how the money […]