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Washington State's Renewable Energy Sales and Use Tax Exemption

In the State of Washington, sales of equipment used to generate electricity via sustainable energy are tax-exempt. Energy sources that are eligible for this exemption are wind, sun, fuel cells, biomass energy, tidal or wave energy, anaerobic digestion, geothermal, and landfill gas. This is how the state rewards those who incorporate the use of renewable […]

Tax Exemption for Renewable Energy System – Nevada

The state of Nevada is offering incentives for renewable energy use and energy efficiency. A state rebate program is being administered by NV Energy, formerly known as Sierra Pacific Power and Nevada Power. This is known as the Renewable Generations Rebate Program for photovoltaic (PV ), small wind and hydroelectric systems. Originally, this rebate program […]

Arizona’s Residential Incentives for Renewable Energy

The residents of Arizona can take advantage of seven financial incentives for using renewable energy. 1. Green Building Incentive – This is available in Scottsdale and the Town of Buckeye. If you build your home to the green standards given in the Green Home Rating Checklist, you can be eligible for an assortment of benefits. […]

Renewable Energy Sales Tax Exemptions – Wisconsin

In the state of Wisconsin, tax exemptions apply for the use of renewable energy. Wood which is sold for use as fuel in residential sectors is exempt from use-tax and state sales tax.  “Residential use” is defined as use in structures, or portions of structures,  which are considered the permanent dwelling place of an individual […]

Sales Tax Waived on Solar Power Products in Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico has introduced 100% sales tax exemption on solar power products. Both solar thermal and photovoltaic products are covered under the new laws. The sales tax exemption covers residential solar power as well as commercial solar power. In order to be eligible for the exemption, products must carry a minimum 5 year warranty. The […]

Renewable Energy Sources Tax Credits Announced in Puerto Rico

In order to assist and promote the growth and use of renewable energy, Puerto Rico has recently passed “The Economic Incentives for the Development of Puerto Rico Act (EIA)” This legislation provides a wide range of tax credits and incentives that enable local and foreign companies dedicated to renewable energy to operate within Puerto Rico […]