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Michigan Property Tax Causes Solar Farm to Lose Money

On paper, the state of Michigan might be encouraging residents and businesses to install solar power systems with its solar rebate and incentive programs. But the state officials must rethink their property tax laws if they really want to promote alternative energy use in Michigan.

Solar Power

According to the LA Times, California residents set a record in December by filing 1215 applications for solar subsidies in December this year. Another record set this year in California – 133 megawatts of solar photovoltaics have been installed so far in 2008. Solar energy is repeatedly being reported as a bright spot in a […]

Solar Shingles and Solar Roofs

Solar Shingles and the Solar Power Roof With the rapid advancement of solar power we are now seeing new products enter the market containing “integrated solar panels”. For example, solar shingles. What are Solar shingles? Essentially they are ordinary roof shingles which are made out of photovoltaic materials. They perform the same function as an […]