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Tax Exemption for Renewable Energy System – Nevada

The state of Nevada is offering incentives for renewable energy use and energy efficiency. A state rebate program is being administered by NV Energy, formerly known as Sierra Pacific Power and Nevada Power. This is known as the Renewable Generations Rebate Program for photovoltaic (PV ), small wind and hydroelectric systems. Originally, this rebate program […]

Rocky Mountain Power – Solar Incentive Program

The state of Utah, and particularly its Rocky Mountain Power Solar Incentive Program, continues in its pursuit to find ways and means of to preserve natural resources, as well to assist consumers financially, to save money on their energy consumption. This is the general concept of this Solar Incentive program, which gives rewards to customers […]

Energy Efficiency Interest Rate Reduction Program

A state loan program is currently being offered to qualified residents of Alaska, by the Alaska Housing Finance Corporation, or AHFC. This incentive will be given to those who borrow a certain amount of money to purchase an existing home. This is also applicable to those who finance or upgrade a household which can be […]

Residential Energy Efficiency Rebate Program – Kentucky

In the state of Kentucky, a Touchstone Energy Cooperative, called Blue Grass Energy provides an energy-efficiency improvement program. This is especially applicable to residential sectors. The program involves an energy advisor who is specially trained to identify areas encompass the residential sector. Upon gaining familiarity with the area concerned, the advisor gives important information to […]

Minnesota – Renewable Energy Production Incentive

A relevant financial support or incentive offered and endorsed by the government of the state of Minnesota is the state’s Renewable Development Fund. This production incentive is applicable to the commercial, residential, non-profit, tribal councils sectors. Minnesota offers an incentive of 1.0¢ to 1.5¢ per kilowatt-hour (kWh). This is for the electricity produced by hydro-facilities […]

Solar Power

According to the LA Times, California residents set a record in December by filing 1215 applications for solar subsidies in December this year. Another record set this year in California – 133 megawatts of solar photovoltaics have been installed so far in 2008. Solar energy is repeatedly being reported as a bright spot in a […]

Solar Shingles and Solar Roofs

Solar Shingles and the Solar Power Roof With the rapid advancement of solar power we are now seeing new products enter the market containing “integrated solar panels”. For example, solar shingles. What are Solar shingles? Essentially they are ordinary roof shingles which are made out of photovoltaic materials. They perform the same function as an […]

Solar Shingles

This is a video that shows thin film solar panels used on a home, ok nothing new, but what is interesting is the pricing, the total costs of the installation and panels were 16000 dollars, however 12000 dollars are returned through federal and state clean energy cash incentives and tax rebates. In other words, this […]