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Solar Power Expands Around the World

The news on solar power in use around the world continues to pour in. Increasingly, individuals, companies, and governments are turning to the sun’s clean energy source for solutions to problems ranging from financial, to environmental, to logistical. Here are just a few of the recent items in the news.

Green Energy Ohio – GEO Solar Thermal Rebate Program

Green Energy Ohio, or GEO, is the entity which represents the state of Ohio in the American Solar Energy Society.  This nonprofit organization is dedicated to the promotion of economic and environmental energy policies, and sustainable and efficient practices. GEO has been greatly honored by being accepted by the Sierra Club to receive funding and […]

Wisconsin Focus on Energy – Business & Marketing Grant

Wisconsin Focus on Energy is now running several grant programs offering support for the development of renewable energy projects. In addition to development, there are also grants available for industry infrastructure. The grant programs were developed to offer support to the renewable energy market, and to help implement projects that otherwise would not be completed, […]

Solar Power Rebate Program – Jackson EMC

Jackson Electric Membership Corporation (Jackson EMC), located in Jefferson, GA, is now offering rebates to residential customers who install photovoltaic (PV) systems or solar water-heating systems in their homes. Solar Power Program for Homes Residential customers may qualify for the one-time rebate on  Solar Panels, of $450 per kilowatt (kW) of DC installed.  The rebate […]