Tax Exemption for Renewable Energy System – Nevada

The state of Nevada is offering incentives for renewable energy use and energy efficiency. A state rebate program is being administered by NV Energy, formerly known as Sierra Pacific Power and Nevada Power. This is known as the Renewable Generations Rebate Program for photovoltaic (PV ), small wind and hydroelectric systems.

Originally, this rebate program was only for PV systems. But in January 2008, the Public Utilities Commission of Nevada issued R175-07 which included incentives for small wind and hydroelectric systems. )Solar rebate applications for 2009-2010 ended on October 31, 2008).

Available rebates are now available for grid-connected PV installations in residences, small businesses, public buildings, non-profits, and schools. This also applies to small wind power systems and small hydroelectric systems installed on the same sectors. Participants must first be current customers to join the program.

For the 2010-2011 program year, the incentive amount would vary according to the category involved. Solar power incentives meant that schools, and other public properties, including churches and other non-profit organizations, could qualify for $4.20 per watt AC. Residential and small business properties could qualify for $2.10 per watt AC.

For small wind systems, $2.50 per watt for the first 10KW is given for residential, small business, and agricultural sectors.  $1.50 per watt is given after the first 10KW, up to the limit of 30 KW. For schools and public buildings, it is $3.00 per watt for the first 10KW, and an additional $2.00 per watt is given after the first 10KW, up to the limit of 30 KW.

For small hydroelectric systems, $2.50 per watt is available for grid-connected agricultural customers.

The following are some of the maximums (in terms of incentives) which can be given within one program year:

  • For Solar, $210,000 is given to schools; and $126,000 for public and other properties including non-profits and churches.
  • For residential sectors, $10,500.
  • For small business properties, $63,000.
  • For residential, small business, and agricultural sectors, $55,000
  • For small wind systems for schools and public buildings, $70,000.
  • Grid-connected agricultural customers are given up to $150,000 for small hydroelectric systems.

To qualify for the program, a group or individual must meet detailed criteria of the program guidelines. Moreover, the systems must be grid-connected, net-metered, and installed by a Nevada-licensed electrical contractor (C2 or C2g). Installations must be done in compliance with federal state and local codes.

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Disclaimer:  This article does not constitute a source of a official legal or financial advice. While we attempt to represent all data as accurately as possible, we advice you to refer to official government websites, for the most accurate and up-to-date information.

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